BarCamp 2011

So yea… BarCamp 2011 will be dated on April 2nd

Remembering things in there, I’d so want to go there and participate (Now I gotta look for a topic to cover… Hmmmmmm…)

Anyway, if you have an interesting tech\geek topic you’d want to speak about? Please do… Trust me, it is so much fun to be there… I am speaking of experience!


5 thoughts on “BarCamp 2011

  1. There’s a form to fill in at the bottom of the link. Please make sure to fill it.

    See you there inshallah! 😀

  2. So it’s that time of year again 🙂

    I have no intention of going unless the topics are interesting enough. I hope they put up a list before the thing takes place.

    I’d love to talk there but it’s too early to know the type of audience that’ll be there with this only being the second time. Maybe next year…

  3. The event was initially planned to be on 11/11/2011 but that was too far.

    We may hold more than one barcamp event per year so no date is fixed.

    As for your presentation, fill in the form & tell us what you’ll present so we can compile a list.

    If your audience has at least one person who is interested then you should present!

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