Sony a55 and a33… The fastest!?

Alright, this makes me cry tears of happiness and joy since I’m one of the minority Sony Alpha lovers here in Kuwait… Yes, blame Sony dealership for their lack of support and accessories xD.

According to TechRadar, Sony developed their Translucent Mirror Technology which boosts the a55 to 10fps and a33 to 7fps in continuous mode. 16MP in a55 and 14MP in a33…

ISO can hold up to 12,800, while a55 has built-in GPS (Stalkers, stay away!), alpha mounts (Thank god, won’t have to throw my lenses away xD) and SD\Memory stick duo storage (The only downside for me).

I’m… I’m in love… And I think it costs somewhere between 200KD to 300KD.

There’s some advantages and disadvantages ofcourse. So better check DPREVIEW.


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