Apple plans for using the iOS for their iMacs

iOS on the iPods, nah not enough! On the iPhones, not a big diff. On the iPad, … not so satisfying. iPod on a 27 inch screen, yes iMacs!!

Apple had to create another patent, so it got this. Apple though that users should be able to use their iMacs as touch screens just like their other “revolutionary” products. So what Jobs had in his brainz was to let the user be able to switch between normal desktop mode and touch screen input mode. And that would be done by rotating and sliding the screen horizontally for touchscreen input. That should be changed automagically. Here’s where the iOS thing comes in, they’re planning to let the inpud mode use a different UI, yup you guessed it, iOS UI.

Apple looking at dual-mode touchscreen desktops and laptops

Also, i dont think they’re actually gonna have two distinct OSs at the same time, which would result in having 2 of everything. So they’re planning to have they integrated “somehow” as said <– i think they’ll use magic

“I could see a gradual, slow merger between iOS and Mac OS X styles and approaches. It doesn’t make sense for them to be developing two of everything, one good, one not as good—two calendars, two address books—it’s got to merge somehow.”

… a patent for that of course, lol


5 thoughts on “Apple plans for using the iOS for their iMacs

  1. wtf apple!

    Companies have been doing this for years (tablet pcs). if apple gets that patent, I’ll stop honoring patents and the patent system.

    and what’s with the big ars technica ad?

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