Someone is making some ads for Q8GEEKS.ORG!!!

Jaber Hopital (Under-Construction)


Last year,2008-2009, I was taking some extra lessons after school, every day I had to pass near Jaber Hospital, the one near Hateen and Al-Zahra (currently under-construction). Almost every time, on the billboard/wall, I wrote “” and some of our names “Q8geek”, “AnxiousNut”, “SIGTERMer”, and “Fencer Darkwind”(The old members) by removing some of the dust off the wall. I always thought that those will never be read by any geek, I just did it to waste time till I get to the end of the sidewalk.


I was walking with Q8BKman on the Jaber Hospital’s sidewalk when I realized that there were some advertisements on the same billboard I used to write on, I WAS SHOCKED because they were also about THIS SITE!!. I knew these are not mine, they seem “fresh”. So apparently there is a person(or more) with us here that was writing these. At first, I could only read “8 geek”, but then after we walked a little bit more, it all was there.

This is funny in a way, probably he/she said that no geek would read it, but WRONG, I DID!! lol. What really confused me is that there wasn’t any sign of who might have this person be, no nicknames until I found one … a useless one. It was “Mr. Dollar”!!! But thanks Mr. Dollar 🙂 and  can you tell us who you are?

See, this web-site is becoming popular!! Congratulations everybody, you too Mr. Dollar!


Oh yeah, we even got names

It’s still there if you want to check them out, if it’s worth it from your point of view! BTW, we added some “Q8GEEKS.ORG”s and one “Anxious Nut”!

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