Pictures from Al-Hamra Tower

Thanks to Al-Hamra Tower’s marketing manager, I was able to experience height shots and I’m probably going to do it again.

These are the only 5 pictures I saved out of 180-ish pictures I’ve snapped which failed because I’ve never done something like this so I was abit confused.

Anyway, here it goes:

Kuwait City at night

Guess who's the pokemon?

Somewhere inside Al-Hamra Tower

The Monolith

Rising Kuwait

Hope you enjoy’em =D

I wonder why people say Kuwait is boring…

3 thoughts on “Pictures from Al-Hamra Tower

  1. I really would like to use/copy/share some of your images especially the 1st, 3rd, and the last one(would fit awesomely on my mobile phone as a background). But there’s a big ‘BUT’, Why the copyrights? Why not Creative Commons?

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