So you think MacBook Air is lightweight?

This really surprises me considering the fact that most Mac users’ bite us with Mac’s laptops being lightweighted and thin… Guess what? Not anymore…

Samsung just got their ultraportable X360 laptop… Which is thicker than MacBook Air yet lighter!!

Even though it doesn’t have an internal Optical Drive (IBM Thinkpad’s advantage), it sure has other inputs like 7-in-1 card reader, VGA, LAN, HDMI, PCI Express Cards, 3 USB ports and a docking port… It has its 1.3MP camera, WiFi and bluetooth…

Here’s the Engadget link.

4 thoughts on “So you think MacBook Air is lightweight?

  1. So wait all of these features and it is still lightter than that air mac thing…maaan Mac are stupid

  2. well, I respect mac for whatever they’re pulling… But now it just lost a point of argue to be better than normal computers’n’laptops

  3. … im not going to guess who teeman is ..

    i can understand Air actually vash .. its pretty nice and sleek .. but for me as a power user i dont need something that bare bones ..
    this samsung i can actually use, even if it is weaker than some other laptops

    myself i think netbooks (Wind/eeepc/AcerOne/Mininote/etc) are going to be the in thing.. cos even though these devices are light, they are still pretty big and less carry-friendly(god i forgot the word) than they are made to be.. give me something smaller with everything and im happy.. lightweight is still blah >.>

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