Serious spin with my beloved 150-500mm

The weather today was so great that I forgot about going back home and nap after work, so I decided to take my 150-500 lens for a spin and, well, got some interesting results

What I decided to do is what every sane man with such a lens would do on a cloudy day; take pictures of clouds. And decided to take a look at my surroundings and got some interesting shots too!

Ready? Here we go!

Half moon.

Almost touching the sky - Dark

Fluffy clouds [Nov, 1st, 2011] - 1

Fluffy clouds [Nov, 1st, 2011] - 5

The top of a concrete mountain - Mixed

Fluffy clouds [Nov, 1st, 2011] - 2

There are 12 shots today which you can see in my Flickr page, feel free to browse along :3

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