Santa shortage in Berlin!?

Germany has interesting news… Specially odd ones 😛

OK… Two pictures isn’t something I’d do usually (Unless they’re pictures I’ve taken)… But I couldn’t stop laughing at these two pictures… Specially the first one 😛

Anyways, A German leading job agency is recruiting Santas to help taking in traditional festivals to cut financial crisis and Germany is running outta Santa…

As the guy in charge of Santa Claus recruitment said, it’s hard to be Santa… Not alot of people can be good fathers Christmas… And Santa can’t drive to work since kids believe he arrives with a reindeer sleigh and it’ll be annoying to disappoint a kid 😛

Santas can make up to 60 euros an hour (around 21KD)… I’d actually take the job if I was there (But I’ll have hard time being accepted since I’m thin… Though my fat-ass would help :P)

What does it take to be a Santa (And I mean by looks)? Fluffy white beard? Chubby body? Cheerful?

We won’t face such shortage since we have alot of’em here in Kuwait… Just hire’em (They’d kill for money :P) and help us get rid of some people to decrease the traffic and other stuff 😛 (Just kidding)…

Click here to read the REUTERS article.

3 thoughts on “Santa shortage in Berlin!?

  1. LMAO ! we actually do have lots of those bwhite bearded guys with chubby body…i say DEPORT THOSE GUYS to work in overthere xP

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