Robin Harris talks about Apple’s MacBooks: Flop or Fiasco?

Before you start flaming me and Robin Harris, I’d like to say “Everyone is entitled to his opinion”…

I’ll provide the link below, and I kinda agree with him… So I’ll just quote the points that I don’t agree with…

Wait… I just read it twice and there’s nothing I disagree with… But I’ll just add one thing:

Mac is this costly due to the name… I mean its like Mercedes and BMW compared to Lexus for example, they got almost the same technologies and Lexus might have more… But Mercedes and BMW costs more because of the brand name…

I’m totally not a car person but I hope people get my point… I’m not bringing this topic to discuss Mac’s system… I’m just discussing its crazy cost…

Robin Harris thinks its totally pointless, I think it costs this crazy just because of that Apple…

There’s people who’d pay more due to loyalty to brand names and there’s who wouldn’t… I’m somewhere in between 😛 (Though things differs here in Kuwait, they just head for what costs more just to brag about it… Few exceptions ofcourse)

You’ll understand more as you read the Robin Harris post.

6 thoughts on “Robin Harris talks about Apple’s MacBooks: Flop or Fiasco?

  1. GOLD MAC …shiny awesomeness i actually never understood why people dislike macs so much and how most people make fun of it so much but hey ill try to give it a try sometime 😛

  2. you can get better chicken burgers for less than mcdonald’s.. yet you’re a loyal mcdonalds customer… 😛 (same goes to me… i can get cheaper donuts’n’coffee than dunkin’donuts yet i’m loyal to them)

    see what i’m getting at?

  3. i’ll have to say first that i’m a HUGE mac fanatic. i mean i’m crazy and addicted to it. and normally i would slice people into pieces when they say anything bad or critisize mac :p but i’ll have to agree with u in one point. that it is partially expensive because of the name brand. especially in kuwait and other arab countries. but according to my experience:p when it comes to buying mac products from the states i don’t think that they are that much expensive. and i don’t mind buying that extra money on a mac because i think the system and softwares deserves it ;p

    ok now i think i should stop blabbing :p

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