Red Bull – Art of motion Qualification

So I went to Marina Crescent yesterday to click some pictures of Parkourers (I don’t think that’s correct but oh well) jumping like rubber biscuits and all.

Anyway, since they’re jumping and running a lot, I decided to try a little new thing and test waters.

What I tried was basically burst out a whole jump and stack it manually (Of some sort. What I actually did was layer them up in a single picture and rubber out the useless stuff) and get the motion of that jump.

So far, I only did two:
Red Bull - Art of motion: 1

Red Bull - Art of motion: 2

These pictures are sort of flawed though. My shutter speed was 1/160 which is relatively slow compared to how fast they were. So I could’ve just used a 1/200 or even more to get more details while keeping some motion blur. But oh well, first time trying… Can’t learn without making mistakes :3

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