Don’t sink down to my level! I’ll beat you so bad in it!! – 7

I ordered some parts online and they’re on their way to my friend to ship’em back to. That, and I’m still looking for a Sony Alpha camera chassis. So yea, while the waiting game is running, I’ll occupy you with few random stuff:


Me: You’re not my niece. Therefor, no eideya for you.
Friend *sad face*
Me: Problem?
Friend: YES!
Me: Good, solve it with math.


Me: I came up with something. GGGGGGGG == Jeez
Friend: Makes no sense!
Me: Jeez is a compressed bunch of “G”s. Therefor, Jeez = GGGGGGG after expanding.
Friend: I hate myself when I laugh on your lameness!


Friend: Eidik Mubarak oo kel3am oo ent ebkhair
Me: U2
Me: Metallica
Me: Iron Maiden
Friend: …
Me: Justin Beiber?
Friend: BYE!

You Suck!

Me: You know what sucks?
Friend: What?
Me: YOU!
Friend: No, YOU!
Me: No no no, I don’t suck, I blow! LIKE A TERRORIST!!!! HALALALALALA*BOOM*
*Friend logs out*

I’M 12!

*This happened last year*
Friend: Grow up! How old are you!?
Me: Mommy said I’m 12, 13 years ago.
Friend: You’re 25!
Me: I’M 12!! MOMMY DON’T LIE!!


Friend: Dude, I need you to shoot my car
Me: I can’t, my feet hurts.
Friend: Bye.


Me: كتبي لج باسوورد. 8 دقم أقل شي Write a password, 8 buttons minimum.
Employee (Girl): مايصير 4؟ Can’t make it 4?
Me: لأ مايصير لأسباب سيكيوريتي No, for security reasons.
*Employee brainstorms*
Employee: مايصير 5؟ Can’t make it 5?
*Me pokerface*
Me: أقل شي 8 … لأ مايصير Minimum is 8, won’t take 5.
*Employee scribbles on paper*
Employee: طلعوا معاي 9! صعب انقي باسوورد 8 دقم! I came up with 9 buttons! Hard to choose an 8 buttons password!
*Me pokerface*
Me: عادي 9 احسن It’s ok, 9 is better.

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