Razer Introduces : the Razer Hydra motion controller

Portal 2 is going to get some Motion Controlled Action by the use of Razer Hydra’s super-precise motion controller.

The Hydra uses a small base station that creates an electromagnetic field with a radius of about six feet. That’s it. That base station serves double duty as a stand to rest the presently wired controllers on, the Hydra only comes in a wired variety at the moment, but Razer is planning to release a Wireless version in the future.

There is currently no release date nor a price  but they did say We can expect them early next year considering it will be released in a special bundle with the April-released Portal 2 packed in makes sense. As for price, Razer’s targeting a sub-$100 tag.

That Portal 2 bundle will include a special version of the game, that includes not only native support for the Hydra controllers, but new maps and puzzle mechanics built exclusively for Hydra.

Here are Demo videos of Hydra

Source : Joystiq

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