Qlendar: Your calendar for Kuwait events!

I promised that the next thing I’ll be talking about is the calendar project. So here it is…

Qlendar is a project I came up with to gather events happening in Kuwait in a single website so people can view and stay up-to-date around whats happening in Kuwait.

I received so many arguments like “Facebook have public events” and “So does Google Calendar”.

Well, mine is a bit different. True, in Facebook and Google Calendar, you can share your events\calendar with your friends. But it won’t reach out to others. At least not as fast as this calendar (I hope).

So, instead of forcing your friends to spread the word, you can just submit your event there (Email me, I’ll add it manually… It’ll go like this until I come up with a better mechanism) and people will just see it 😀 (And will sync it with their Google Calendar so far)

However, it will never grow unless people start sharing this website to others. Also, Qlendar is in an initial phase; there are so many things I’m going to add in my next phase 😀

Feedback is really appreciated will really help shaping the project for a better Qlendar

10 thoughts on “Qlendar: Your calendar for Kuwait events!

  1. its a great idea and great work so far, feedback:
    1) it would be great if you could incorporate google calender and facebook’s and use there API.

    2) the UI could be more intuitive by using more real estate and if possible not using a blog theme.

    4)events are kind of hard to read.

    looking forward phase 2

  2. @Anonymous:
    Thanks, fixed… I think I should’ve named it Qlender not Qlendar 😛

    1) I’ve already added a Google Calendar button thingy
    2) I had to buy the theme off themeforest and hack my code in it. I needed to kick this up. I’ll be more than happy if you know someone who’s willing to work a better layout.
    4) How are they hard to read?
    3) Oh thanks for noticing those… Forgot to block’em

    Thanks 😀 I’d appreciate it if you can spread it around too!

  3. the events color do not pop-up, its grey on a dark background, they aren’t emphasized IMHO. the table structure, padding, and font makes it a little bit hard to read data, i think using a sans-serif font for the content and a serif font for the titles in the table would make it easier to read, maybe chaining the color of events to something like #48FA7E or #64DEFD for example. I’m not trying to criticize your work, I’m by no means an expert in web development, i just think that those suggestions are worth considering. all the best

    1. Actually the coloring thing is a valid point.

      I’ll get to it pretty soon. Thanks for the note actually

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