Best iPad water-proof cover!

OK it all started when I first time took my Nokia N900 to listen to vocal trance stream while showering (And IM\Skyping sometimes too… Don’t ask).

I literally take it to shower with me… As in, it gets sprayed in water and nothing happens to it (God bless Nokia for their HW).

Anyway, I had to give my N900 to my brother. So I need another way to stream music to my shower.

I searched in Amazon for iPad water-proof cases and I got stuff like this which costs ~10KD. It’s an acceptable price for an iPad cover. But then it just hit me; I can do this.

Went to Sultan-Center (Could’ve gone to the closest CO-OP, but went there for chocolate hunt anyway), bought some of those plastic bags you use to keep sandwiches fresh. Stuffed the iPad in one bag and restuffed it in another bag (Demonstrating a single bag below):

Why I used two bags? Because I tried a single bag and a small amount of water leaked inside. Two bags is a safe call.

I streamed my music there and the sound quality wasn’t as good as I desired because, come on, two bags covering the speaker grill does kill some sound. Yet, the sound quality was great (Not up to my likable standards, but still great). Here’s a picture showing how it got showered:

Moral of the story:
Before you go buy stuff for your iPad, make sure if you can make your own!
I just saved 10KD and two weeks of waiting for that damn thing to arrive! (The pack with ~100 plastic bag is for ~500fils).

2 thoughts on “Best iPad water-proof cover!

  1. you wrote about the sound quality and what have you, but what about using the multi-touch screen ? does it respond ?

  2. Works like a charm!

    Although having a good grip on the iPad was a bit annoying because it slips from inside the bags so yea…

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