Qlendar v2.0 submitted for Windows Phone 7

Alright, haven’t posted anything about Qlendar for the longest time. So I decided to do so now.

Qlendar app v2.0 on Windows Phone 7 have been submitted to the Marketplace and hopefully will be published soon if nothing went bonkers.

I decided to go with Windows Phone 7 first to use it in real world and test it out. Hand it to few people to try for feedback… Then collect the results and apply them on the Android app.

We also decided to jump to v2 on iOS instead of going on parallel with all platforms since the iOS developer is capable to go v2 straight away!

Now, what changed?
1) Added “Today” tab instead of “This year”: We figured that having that is more important than the year because, who’d check the whole damn year!? WHAT WAS I THINKING!?
2) Share button: To share an event through Facebook, twitter, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, pigeons, sending your driver to your friend or whatever account linked to your phone. We’re speaking WP7 here, not sure about the rest. But Facebook and Twitter are our main sharing methods.
3) Call: Call the event holder and list the numbers just in case there are more than just one.
4) Send an email or visit the event holder’s website.
5) Directions if provided geotags: That’ll be added to the website soon for event submitters. This will be improved
6) Report an event: Y’know, just in case it was offensive or has wrong values
7) Sync with your phone’s calendar: This actually made me almost give up on WP7 developments because you can only add appointments to your phone’s calendar by adding them to your Live Account. Pretty much Microsoft’s version of Google’s account (Which isn’t so bad, just needs real access to the phone physically).
8) View user who submitted the event.

What we’ll have soon?
1) Log in
2) Submit events
3) Directions by location and\or geotag (If geotags weren’t provided)
4) Avatar of users
5) Pictures of events
6) Comments regarding an event

Here are some pictures to show how things should look like:

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