Exploring Kickstarter: Kitaru

You know how I am with exploring Kickstarter. Its like YouTUBE, but with projects that has real potential (Not our exhibitions that sells retardidly designed women-wears and cupcakes).

I stumbled upon this project and, well, I really REALLY find it interesting.

Short description:
Sci-Fi Cyber Punk RPG game.
To be released on iOS and Android initially then climb up to Windows and Mac OSSUCKS.
This game has Yuri Lowenthal (From Ben10, The Prince in Prince of Persia, Men In Black 3 [Seriously?] and Soulcalibur 5) and Tara Platt (From Final Fantasy XIII, Naruto, Bleach, Marvel vs Capcom 3) as voice actors and more.

Check it out and pledge in the name of awesome!!

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