11 thoughts on “Qlendar challenge!

  1. still working hard i see…
    pleased i am and question i have.
    why psd, must it be?

    Not participate, I well probably do. but support I can 🙂
    Best of wishes from paris, washington, and chicago. (consider local hosting, you seriously must -_-)

  2. Gold Medal Ribbon, I’ve always been a loner when it comes to work.

    Partner, Damn straight

    Sig, PSD because GIMP doesn’t cut it for me (And easier to manipulate)

    Pickles, no limit. Keep on flooding me :3

    1. usually designing logos is better done in vector (AI or Inkscape) for simplicity and scalability, I think that’s why Sig was kind of surprised.

      1. True, but I didn’t deal with vector images so I wouldn’t know actually 😛

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