Bandwidth calculations

Alright, we got in an argument at my friend’s Duwaniya about limits and all… Got back home and felt like calculating the maximum possible bandwidth a speed can handle.

I don’t know if my calculations are right, so I need people to double check:
How many seconds do we have a month?
60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 30 days.
So, 60 x 60 x 24 x 30 = 2592000 seconds a month.

I’ll take 1Mbps for an example to calculate the maximum bandwidth that speed can do.

So, since we get 1Mb each second, we technically get 2592000Mb bandwidth.

Divide it by 8 and you get a MB unit of measurement. So, 2592000 / 8 = 324000MB in a month

Now, to know how much Gigabytes a 1Mbps connection can possibly consume, we divide by 1024 and it’ll be something like this: 324000 / 1024 = 316.40625GB bandwidth in a month.

Now that I thought of it, I thought of building up a little nice table showing how shitty the internet here in Kuwait (Yes, I just snapped and started to realize how shitty things are).

* Bandwidth: The maximum possible bandwidth a connection can consume considering the calculations above
** Percentage: The limit percentage that have been assigned by ISP compared to the maximum bandwidth the speed can reach
*** KEMS Limit: It’s calculated based on KEMS daily limit.

Looking at the table above, I conclude the following:
The faster your speed, the lower the limit.

So, not just that we’re lagging (Specially while gaming… I mean, majority of gamers now relies on PwnPing to have decent gaming experience), having unstable connection, majorly rude\lying\inexperienced customer support\helpdesk (One reason I quit QNet for FT; I got verbally insulted by a Helpdesk employee and Customer Care officers didn’t do jack shit about it), no, that’s not enough… They cap our consumption to something even lower than 20%

Yes, Kuwait ISPs and MCO fails so hard… I’m glad that Al-Sadoun is taking actions.

KEMS Prices and FAP
QNet Prices and FAP
FT Prices and FAP
Gulfnet Prices and FAP

8 thoughts on “Bandwidth calculations

  1. Amen to that ……y do i remember something from Mentor’s Hacker’s Manifesto here …..”Profiteering Gluttons”…..

    1. Could’ve used fucked; screwed is alerted longer…you wasted a byte there that you could’ve used to download something else xD

  2. Speaking of ping. Why is it every ISP I call I have to explain to them what ping/latency means? Then get into an argument that just because the speed if fine doesn’t mean the latency is fine. You know what? While they are at it employ some better support techs please.

  3. checked your calculations. seems right to me.
    Side note how does this affect cafe’s which provide internet?

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