Q8GEEKS.ORG is 7 years old today

Dear Mr 2015,

Your journey with older younger brother, 2014, was a crazy one.
He made me spend so much time on video games development, it altered my life.
With 2014, my life path started to have a clearer shape and I am having better ideas of what I want to do.
He introduced me to new friends and new foes.
He revealed to me who’s my real friend and who isn’t. And who’s my brother from other parents.
He had direct influence in me. In my perspective. In my point of view and personality.
He shed light on things I never thought they existed.
He hid what harms me that I thought they can only benefit me.
He altered my thinking. My way of feeling. My wants and needs.
He taught me it’s alright to be selfish sometimes.
He taught me it’s alright to share and unbottle even to total strangers.
He taught me it’s alright to ignore some things and be stubborn on others.
He taught me to be straight-forward and sincere even if it’ll fire-back at me.
He taught me it’s alright to show my weaknesses to those who I trust blindly.
He taught me when to be strong and when not to. When to be careless and easy going and when not to.
He made me believe that, even with the little things I got, I can still be happy.
He even introduced me to a wonderful woman who I’m married to.
Your brother changed so many things in my life. Hell, he made me grow an epic mustache and beard. So epic, even a 9a3eedi guy complimented it.

Your brother made this blog go with a different perspective and approach.
Your brother threw in some events that made me grateful I still have this blog up and running regardless of visits and the silence of silent readers.

Unlike your other brothers I met, 2014 was one heck of a brother. It’s so sad He left so soon. I have so much things to do with him, I wanna say to him. I just wish I could spend more time with him.

2014 did amazing things to make sure that his younger brother, you, 2015, be better to me more than he was to me.

Dear 2015, please fulfill your older brother’s wish. I have blind faith in you and I’m sure you’re worth the blind faith. I’m betting my future and life on you and I’m sure you’re going to nail it.


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