4 thoughts on “Photoshop’s new content aware filter

  1. On contrary Sig. Gimp was the first to develop that tool before Adobe will be offering on PSCS 5. Actually more like it is based on the same research. Checkout a plug-in for GIMP called RESYNTHESIZER-0.16. Here is are two videos Sample 1 and Sample 2 of what it can do. I tried it and it works like magic.

    The beauty about GIMP as to what makes it so special is that it has a lot of plug-ins to offer. Check the GIMP forums for em. But one thing that puzzles me is that 2.6 is the latest GIMP program. Could it mean that it has reached its final phase and that all of its updates are done by plug-ins?

  2. I was going to write a post on this, but i guess i dont have to anymore

    If you wanna install it in ubuntu the package name is
    sudo apt-get install gimp-resynthesizer

    But notice that it doesn’t work on all pictures as you might think, But it works

    What Works: http://imgur.com/a/XW0XC/what_works

    What doesn’t (GIMP DESTRUCTION): http://imgur.com/a/7YS99/gimp_distruction

    take a good laugh

    FYI, it was in ubuntu’s repositories since 8.04 LTS, so that means it was made before 2008! And photoshot just started working on it!!! What a shame!

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