A true Google fan

So I was chatting with Firas1886 when I realized that there is almost everything for a person to become a  google fanboy/girl!! He/She would

  • have google or igoogle as the home page
  • uses chrome or chromium web browser
  • use all google services: Gmail, wave, YouTube, Picasa, Photobucket  groups, docs, … etc
  • have chromeOS installed on his/her netbook
  • have an android based phone
  • have an android based tablet (following apple’s footsteps?)
  • have an android based TV (WTH?!!)
  • have google cloths

Pretty sure there are more!!

lol at  how google is trying to take over this world!!

3 thoughts on “A true Google fan

  1. Yup thats thir next step LOL Take Over the World! (hah i wouldn’t mind really, as long as they are Not Apple)

    If thats what a fanboy/girl wanna be should do to become one, then i reckon we all already are!

  2. “hah i wouldn’t mind really”
    Now that’s a fangirl!! yeah google did a great job providing tools while spying on us, “google probably knows us better than we do” — SIG (a long time ago), BUT NOT TO RULE THE WORLD, el-internet kafee 3aleaha!

    “then i reckon we all already are!” i dont think so! All I do is use some google services! not even close to a true fanboy!

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