Perfect handshake (Damn it! Not MILKSHAKE!!)

So yea… Head of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester Geoffrey Beattie discovered the secret perfect handshake…

Unfortunately, you can’t use that to kung fu grip someone’s throat to death or to hold your milkshake from McDonalds and run away from friends (Who wants a sip or to steal it) without spilling it…

No, you can use that to secure a business deal.

Anyway, here’s the picture below explaining the equation and how it’s done:

The Scientist had hard time fighting those businessmen monks protecting the temple of perfect handshake and killing dragons and The Black Beast of Aaarrrggghhh to bring the sacred scroll of the perfect handshake for mankind to use and protect themselves from the evil swaggy slobby sissy handshake that I’m suffering from most of Kuwaiti hand-shakers.

Source via Discover Magazine

2 thoughts on “Perfect handshake (Damn it! Not MILKSHAKE!!)

  1. Are they serious?!! They could’ve asked me years ago and I would’ve told them the same conclusion they’ve wasted their time on!

    … and yeah, i gotta agree with you on that! most Kuwaiti guys do have sissy handshakes!

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