ONLY 2 Bottles of VIMITO Per Customer


Since the holy month of Ramadan is coming close, Vimto (the infamous Ramadan drink) will be a scarce resource. To counter the problem, Official announcement has been made only for the Shamiya Co-op due that they have a discount prices throughout all co-ops managements that customers are only allowed to purchase two bottles of Vimto. I wanted to get eight bottles today while I was shopping at the Shamiya Co-op but I was stopped at the cashier and had to return all six bottles. 🙁

This just proves that Vimto is a must have drink during Ramadan. As for BayThan (The white drink that has a picture of an old man.) Ok that didn’t sound right but you all know how that bottle looks like. That picture has never changed since the 80s! Probably more even.

I am not so sure that this policy is only applied for the Shamiya Co-op due to their discounts But if this policy does apply in other Co-ops there will be blood thirsty Vimto vampires! So if you’re one of the many people out there that loves Vimto all I can say is head over to your nearest Co-op and go grab some before they’re all gone!

4 thoughts on “ONLY 2 Bottles of VIMITO Per Customer

  1. :O

    okay this is weird! i thought that they were giving a discount for only 2 bottles per person, and that if you wanna more, you buy them without the discount!

    … I never thought such thing would happen! Good thing im not a Vimto lover XD

  2. I wish it was what you said that it was only for the discounted supplies. But nope it accumulates all whether if its on discount or not. Like literally the guy was removing the bottles off cashier counter going “Bes Tanain Bottall!”

    I told him “Oh come on. Please! Ramathan is on the way. Where is your jolly Vimto spirit?” He replied back “BASS TANAIN!!! Thamanyaaa LAAAA!! Bas tanain!!” Me:”OH HUMBUG!!” XD

  3. funny. i guess you’ll have to get them from outside kuwait (amazon?) or through the black market. lol.
    you can also scout for people who are about to enter the coop and are willing to buy you more bottles.

    but if i were you, i’d leave those vimto bottles until they rot. we’re not in shortage of control freaks. i’d just buy my supply of vimto from someplace else or find something else to drink.

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