There is a term I once came along while doing my dose of helpdesk support, PEBCAK
Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.

Sadly, it happens everywhere that ppl dont want to think anymore. They “think” they know how to use the computer, but the moment smthng changes for them, they’re lost and their first reaction is to call the IT guy.

Unfortunately at work I gotta help them and smile rather than go CRAZY on their asses….
And every once in a while, u tell em to solve things themselves and u end up with the above…


2 thoughts on “PEBCAK

  1. That’s what you get for being an IT guy! You know if they were to think and search for a decent solution (books, forums, … ), IT people wouldn’t be as much needed! So technically -a part of- your job to babysit those who dont use their brainz!

  2. if you knew some of the things I went through when I worked as a support tech., you’d lol.
    But you must relies that in 20-40 years from now, we’ll be the “PEBCAK” that everyone laughs at 🙂


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