Cubicle basketball. A way to kill your work\office boredom the cheap-ass way xD

I was bored at work and had nothing to do at work… I ate my sammiches (Falafel… Poor man’s machboos <3) and Kinder chocolate… I don’t know what hit my head and made me come up with this awesome solution =D

I thought, instead of sitting here youtubing and doing nothing just like any other Kuwaiti in the government sector bored the death out of their mind that I might end up drinking tea, eating seeds and read newspaper just like any other typical Kuwaiti government employee… Why not entertain myself with some fun game? 😛

First, you go to the closest cafeteria and buy a Falafel sammich.

Then, you guy buy Kinder chocolate.

Sorry, I had to ruin the kid.

Now, create balls out of the chocolate (When you’re done eating’em ofcourse).

Here’s a side note:
The more Kinder you buy the more you’ll have fun because you’ll have more balls (Though collecting them can be pain).

Done ball making? Now we do the basket.

Done? What are you waiting for?

Inside the cubicle area gives you 2 points. Outside the area gives you 3.


7 thoughts on “Cubicle basketball. A way to kill your work\office boredom the cheap-ass way xD

  1. No thanks… I’d rather play bullet ball 😛

    plus i dun work in the kuwaiti government sector :'(

  2. A nice way to enjoy yourself XD But acctually I’d give myself 2 points in, 3 points in with my eyes closed, and -1 point is it’s out! Much more entertaining! Annd how much did you get so far?

    … you bought two kinder packs, right? You got 8 shots, yet each pack has 4 bars! 2 packs!

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