Operation “Im in ur interwebz”: Day one

At first, I was at Mishref’s Starbux yesterday where I decided to commence that operation.

What I did there? I just downloaded the needed softwares so I can actually work on it.

I couldn’t actually work it because there was some high queue at work that I didn’t have enough time for myself anywhere before 23:00 (Which I start by 19:00).

And because all the departments are connecting in the same network, I had to becareful what to poison and what not to, so I was limited to poisoning two or three entries because my department only had few computers working and it’s awkward (And there’s a camera up there) to go out to each computer, turn it on (Rubbing it gently ofcourse), get the IP Address and insert that in my entry.

With that little amount resources, I’ve been able to tell that I can actually pull off something… I just need to target it on a larger scale which tomorrow wouldn’t be a good option since I’ll be handling the 23:00~07:00 shift and there won’t be anyone around to practice things on… So I might find me some new tools to dig some data (Probably tools that would re-construct transferred files).

So far, I haven’t been noticed AT ALL because, well, I only poked around a real small target…. Baby steps… Baby steps…

I’ll keep you guys updated of what I’ve pulled off and if there’s a way I can think of for them to prevent what I’m doing…

5 thoughts on “Operation “Im in ur interwebz”: Day one

  1. after reading the entire post, I still lost. what are you exactly up to?
    so far, it looks like you are ether trying to sniffing data, or trying to MITM someone/a whole IP range. ether way, you’ll probably get fired if you get caught. I’d be careful if i were you. you could always pull these stunts somewhere else.

    but looks like your finally back to actually doing interesting stuff!
    good to have you back 😉

  2. never mind the last question. i just saw the first “Im in ur interwebz” post.

    a quick question to anybody who knows: Just how illegal is hacking in kuwait and what are the penalties?

  3. Well, I’m using Virtual Machines with different hostname… So in case I got caught, I can ALWAYS delete the virtual machine and go “Hack? What hack? What MITM? I’m playing minesweeper here *innocent face*”

    I started things with data sniffing and now I’ma apply MITM soon… Buhahahahaha

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