One more reason to keep on fapping XD

Adding my previous post to this, you get 2 more reasons XD

Anyway, according to some research, women body rejects sperms that are more than 48 hours old… So picky as usual 😛

No need to worry about that here in Kuwaits; Most of us fap in a daily basis like horny toads

So guys, keep on fapping and keep your junk fresh… You never know what could happen 😛

Source via BoingBoing

5 thoughts on “One more reason to keep on fapping XD

  1. it comes times in every man’s life to be disturbed by this post -.-
    it’s the same post that disturbed us last year
    geek : is this a coincidence ? or did u meant to post it in the exact same date of last year plus 1 day ?

    1. Holy crap! It is 1 day different that the last post!!

      I didn’t know that…

      1. lol u really didnt know that XD…it looks like ur mind thinks of this stuff around this time of year >.>

  2. kinns seriously, this stuff isnt related to geekism by any chance! And since so and everybody gets disturbed by theses, how about you just stop posting these irrelevant and inconvenient posts!! Dude, im serious!!

  3. Guys, Biology, You must learn some =P

    Beside, geekism doesn’t HAVE to be about computers ONLY… It’s nice to know how your body works every once in a while (Even if it’s a weeeeeeeeee bit disturbing)

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