Linux is … Sweden’s new hero!!

Watch the video below and you’ll understand what i mean! And DON’T skip the video!!


I wasn’t certain at first but after a short while i got it! There is a website that offers to all internet surfers the ability of making a video of whoever they want to become the new hero of Sweden! Basically, to play a prank on the ones you know! All what is required is … uploading an image!

So basically what i understood is that they get an image from you and stick it to the video using flash! So, NO, it doesn’t generate a whole video for every image; it’s just images!

If you’re wondering how i know that they’re not generating a whole one, it’s simple! 1, there’s not dumb, that’d require tons of servers if they’ll provide it to the public! 2, go to your catch folder of your browser, you’ll find a 12.7 MB swf file lying there, in my case it’s the file 48F60383d01 under ~/.mozilla/firefox/XXrand()XX.default/Cache! Once you open it -can be played in any web browser that supports flash- you’ll see that the places of the images are empty! //update: if it doesn’t play automatically in your web browser, then preform a right click –> play

I really think this is a nice successful project! Pretty sure it didn’t require a lot of work, yet it’s amazing!! Not to forget they got a good movie, seems professional and trust worthy! What really amazes me even more is that it has been online for only 2 months and it reached over 14 million unique hits!!

Go make your own here, and just for the fun of it, STEVE BALLMER SAVES SWEDEN! XD

Special thanks to my friend Lion Heart who sent me this! He really got me anxiously stunned when i saw his image in the video! LOL

7 thoughts on “Linux is … Sweden’s new hero!!

  1. sense you did the hard part, i’ll do the rest:

    ls -lh `find $HOME/.mozilla/firefox` | grep -e Cache | awk 'BEGIN {FS=" "}{print $5, $8}' | sort | less

    run this in a shell and search for 13M. also, sense both ff and chromium are gay, add the .swf extension to the end of the filename.

    PS: i stole most part of the script 🙂

  2. when i first saw the video i said subconsciously “man, anxie would kill to live in a community like that “….then after i read what he wrote and i knew that it was all just an act and they dont really love linux, i felt like a part of me just died inside 🙁

  3. lol, so there is actually a possibility for one to fall for this!! Since so, play a prank on your friends, make a video with your face in it and send them the link XD

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