I was driving on my way to Shewaikh on Gulf road when I noticed something out of the ordinary in one of the many Gulf road walk way parks. I immediately parked my car and I was astonished to see a GIGANTIC KITE laying on the grass! Then there were these two weird dudes wearing some heavy getup gears like you would see on a National Geographic tv. I asked myself “Could it BE?!” “YES!! THEY ARE!! ” I remembered seeing these guys pictures in some random blogs and magazines. They are the famous Kuwaiti kite flying team! I would never have imagined the day I would stumble upon these guys randomly. Let it be known that they only fly the biggest kites around the country. I do believe (but I have to double check on this one folks) that they also hold the Guinness world book of record for flying the biggest kite in the world.

It was an honor for me to meet both Mr. Ali and Mr. Amer, the Bhuamad brothers and sharing my own love and thoughts on kite flying with them. I know that there are some kite flying enthusiasts out there and I did break the question to the Bhuamad brothers “What does it take for any individual to join and to be part of the team?” They simply replied “Grab or make your own kite and just start flying with us. On the condition however that you show commitment to your work and by keeping up with us in the kite flying seasons.”  Having that said, they continued to explain that they had a lot of new comers who are willing to join their team although, they weren’t that dedicated and that they simply left the scene.

Buhamad Kite Team(HINT: Click on The Picture to check out the photo album.)

So there you have it folks. If you love to fly kites as a hobby or maybe you just wanted to show off your kite flying skills, it only requires your love and your passion for your for things you like to do.

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