No service charge for restaurants by law? NOT!!!

It’s not true according to “Ansam”… I’d like to share it with whoever reads my blog.

I got an email from Q8SMS‘s mailing list which tells that the “Consumer Protection” thingy in the government have prohibited service charge from restaurants.

I wont talk much over junky stuff… So I’ll make you read instead =P…

The email was from Q8SMS‘s mailing list and it’s in Arabic… Click here to read the email’s content.

And, as “Ansam” confirmed, it IS legal as long as the service charge goes between %10~%15… And I’ll quote from her blog:

Yes.. You read it right, service charge in restaurants in Kuwait is NOT illegal! I called 135 earlier today myself and inquired about it. He explained that a service charge around 10-15% charge is not illegal, in fact its an exchange of service for them to provide you with table, bread, butter, and sometimes water.. that kinda service when you DINE IN the restaurant!

Reason I called them up is because I kept receiving this email that has been circulating around, and also a facebook message about it.

So just to clarify things… its legal 🙂

Bottom line is… Don’t believe every single thing you get in your email… Specially when sent by individual untrustful personel… To be honest, I bought that crap for a minute or two then I read Ansam’s post…

I was actually hoping it was illegal… Atleast, I could save few for some chocolate and cookies =D

4 thoughts on “No service charge for restaurants by law? NOT!!!

  1. that email seemed so stupid and it was funny how that guy wrote “service charge ” XD poor thing he thought he was being ripped off

  2. well common kuwaities are usually dumb enough to buy everything they read…

    like the GAP clothing brand stood for “gay and proud” while the fact is it meant the gap (space or emptiness) between generations…

    like many other stuff i receive in my email most of my time…

    stupidity stupidity stupidity

  3. I was SOOO pissed when I got this email twice…3ad ana min il noo3 ily a6awif arabic emails…its weird why people are so scared about their money..the reason they did this is cuz people here don’t tip…anyways 😛 I don’t care less about this! I think there are more important issues to worry about…

  4. to me, i thought of it as a happy news… i can be a cheap bastard sometimes =P

    think about it, i could’ve saved money for CHOCOLATE AND DONUTS!!!

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