NO MORE MOVIE CENSORSHIP FOR YOU MOI (Ministry of Information)!!!

I can’t believe it myself… Let’s just hope its real…

According to a thread I read in ALPHANOIZE, movie censorship has been stripped from Ministry of Information and given to KNCC.

The thread was backed up by an article written in Kuwait Times website by Shamael Al-Sharikh.

As the article goes, she picked up a news from Al-Seyasah news that two gentlemen (Ahmad Al-Baghdadi and Ahmad Al-Sarraf) won a case against Ministry of Information.

The story started when they bought tickets for “The gift of Charlie Wilson’ war” and it was (as the article writer described) burtally censored… Long story short they won their 3KD back and the censorship is now granted to KNCC.

The KNCC is required now to provide alot of details about each movie, like name, country of origin, the actors in the film, a brief synopsis, the film’s duration, and the appropriate age of the film’s audience…

I wonder when this will start… And when it does, I might actually consider watching movies again =D

But thats not the most important thing… The thing that really interested me is that they got their 3KD back… Think of the endless possibility of stuff they could buy (KAKKAW BUNJOOOOM!!!!!)

Anyways, here’s the ALPHANOIZE thread link… And here’s the Kuwait Times article link

6 thoughts on “NO MORE MOVIE CENSORSHIP FOR YOU MOI (Ministry of Information)!!!

  1. Whoa, very interesting! I was VERY sick of the the censorship as the movies lately were UTTERLY destroyed! Mo gader afham she9eer bil qe9a!

    I really hope this means we’re turning for the better!

  2. As I said, what really pulled my attention was the 3KD!!! =P

    Screw the censorship.. I can always get the movies whether by downloading them or buying them… But getting the 3KD due to a law case is really PRICELESS =P

  3. 3ad ana re7t myself to charlie’s war and yesssssssssss i dont blame them at allllllllllll for what they did, u just can’t imagine how burtally censored was it.

  4. geekbuddy thanks for the alphanoize link …much appreciated 😛 id also appreciate if u would have commented overthere but hey wth …go nuts with ur chocolate daddy stars xP

  5. nemo:
    Well what do you expect? they’d even censor a kiss from 3-years-old daughter to her father

    I always link to my providing resources… To be honest, I threw the alphanoize link here in hope that you guys could get more visitors…

  6. well to be honest too thats why i just added the site as a site of my own 😛 …for whoever that is reading this go nuts … Join ! the alphanoize XP ……..please ^_^

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