New Silent Hill Game – Silent Hill : Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour is Konami’s 8th installment in the famous survival horror series franchise. It is confirmed by Konami that the game will be released somewhere between July – September this year or maybe earlier than the announced dates.

Nothing much is said about the game except you’ll be playing a convict character named Murphy Penieton and somehow he ended up being sucked into the horrific world of Silent Hill. Where and who is the missing link to cause all this mess? We will just have to wait and see.

However, I pray to God and I hope Konami will know what they are doing this time with the new game and not mess up like the previous Silent Hill installments such as Homecoming or Shattered Memories. Both of these games have not met my Silent Hill expectations and they were not that good.

I mean, in Homecoming you have a freak’n counter attack which kills the whole point of horror survival and as far as control schematic goes I would rather have Silent Hill 4 or 3. As for Shattered Memories, oh man I have had terrible headaches because of that game. Running around with a flash light and using no weapons at all is a creepy idea but running a round like a mad woman with monsters chasing you and your only hope to escape is by sheer luck that while your running a marathon; that somehow you’d pray those monsters would just forget about you and head back to the same hiding spots?! WTF?! Worst part is, it gets TOO DAMN REPETITIVE and I can’t even reach or pickup an item without having a group of monsters chasing my ass all the way down the white brick road.

I hope that with this new Silent Hill game it will be a lot better than previous installments.

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