“Made in China” given a whole new meaning.

So I am going through my usual blog roll and between the general info, NSFW and NSFK (Not safe for Kuwait) posts and random silliness, I came across a wonderful gem.

Ok So China has unveiled its new Chengdu J-10 fighter jet and has been showing off to the people and in part of a news cast there was a 2 second clip showing the jet destroying a drone and being awesome.

Until Chinese internet users recognized it.

You know when you recognize something and tilt your head thinking “Where have I seen that before?” Now imagine you were anonymous, bored, and up for the next lulz. Can you guess what they found out?

It turns out the clip was from “Top Gun” the Tom Cruise movie thats heavy on the bromance.

See for yourselves:

I wish Top Gun was owned by Sony Pictures so that they could go after these pirates too 😀

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