NetBook + ThumbDrives = NetBooks with Windows7!?

This is something I wanted to do lo~ong time ago; installing an OS from a bootable thumb drive…

Well, Microsoft acknowledged the need to install Windows7 on NetBooks since NetBooks comes without CD\DVD drives…

Things aren’t finalized yet, but it’s on the work (I hope they get it done and start shipping it)…

I’ve installed Xubuntu on a flash drive (So does my friend) and I know how awesome it is to run Linux from a flash drive… Even though it shortens the flash drive’s life, it’s a FUN HACK (And very useful too)!!

I personally prefer installing things from USB drives than optical drives for two reasons:
* I don’t have to worry about scratches
* I don’t have to worry about it’s annoying physical size

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7 thoughts on “NetBook + ThumbDrives = NetBooks with Windows7!?

  1. “it’s a FUN HACK” If you meant an usb sturtup disc (to install it on the other pc), then you really should know that this is not a hack! you might realize that when you realize that there is a pre-installed program in ubuntu that does that for you under “System” -> “Administration” -> “create usb startup disc”… but if you meant other than that then … I misunderstood.

    About Netbooks+windows7, I have one question, will the netbook be able to handle it?

  2. My answer, your version:
    You might realize that I have realized what you spoke of… But you haven’t realized that you haven’t realized what I have written which is that I’ve realized that I can let Xubuntu to realize that there’s a Flash Disk that can realize and get Xubuntu installed on it…

    My answer, my version:
    I know what you’re talking about… But what I did is installed Xubuntu in that flash to boot and run the system there as if I’ve installed it on the HDD… And no, not a live thing…

  3. Still not a hack!! to windows, yes it is. but in Our world “linux” it’s not! and could you tell me how you did it, cause you’re talking as if it is complicated!!!

    and btw “My answer, your version” nice one, but im not that screwed up!

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