My new Arduino project: Car Arduino Surrounding Detector

Alright, the whole idea is like this:

A sheet of LEDs surrounding the car that lights up whenever there’s something close to the car by a lane.

So, initial thoughts, try with a single LED and an IR sensor. Something like this:

I stuck the IR sensor to my car door like this:

Here’s the code for the Arduino:
int led1 = 13;
int sensor = A0;

void setup() {
pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
int Value = analogRead(A0);

if ( Value > 100){
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
else {
digitalWrite(13, LOW);

Well, my first test have failed because, apparently the IR sensor is weak against speed and black or reflective surfaces.

Here’s a 3 minutes video that shows my trip:

Next time, I’ll try replacing the IR sensor with ultrasound… Yes, apparently I’m gonna sonar some babies -_-;

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