Don’t sink down to my level! I’ll beat you so bad in it!! – 10

Yep, I’m at it again… If I reach 20, I’ll write’em in a PDF file in a nice way and leave a copy to download.

Anyway, back to some funny material


*Me approaching those automatic escalators*
*Me jumping over the sensor so it wouldn’t start*
Friend: Why did you do that?


*This friend of mine is so innocent. I introduced her to my mentality and 9GAG and, well, things went bonkers*
Her: 3aleek noor… Nour is all over you! Get a room, jeez!
Me: ?
Her: Wait, what just happened!? FUCK YOU DHERAR!! JUST FUCK YOU!!!

You’re chosen

*A friend is browsing when an ad pops up and say “You’re chosen”*
Him: La om 9achma
*Went to bed, woke up the next day and the whole house’s electricity is down*

Chosen is close enough to shozan which is a shotgun of some sort… Same as Om 9achma (Sachma)

Lil’ Wayne

Me: I made up a new insult
Friend: Enlighten me
Me: You’re as Lil’ as Wayne! So little that we keep on asking “Waynek!?
Friend: Dude… Thats just…


Friend: I’m going to the gym for a reason
Me: To eat more?
Friend: Fuck you Dherar, OK?

*It’s funnier because my friend is fat* 😛


Friend singing: Wake me up when September ends..
Me: It did, three months ago…
Friend: Why? Why are you doing this to me?


Me: Can you go for dinner?
Friend: Tomorrow?
Me: Damn it, I just wanted to show you the Samsung Galaxy S3 I bought me for your birthday!
Friend: I hope you spill tea on it, just like your old phone!
*Few days later having a lunch in my friend’s birthday*
Me: Oh check this out! I bought me this Samsung Galaxy S3 for your birthday!
Friend: You actually did it?
Me: Yes!
Friend: Fuck you, Dherar! Seriously, how did you come up with that!?

The 4th

Friend: Are you on August the 4th?
Me: The 4th or the dark side?
Friend: Are you high?

*In case you didn’t get it:
The 4th -> The Fourth -> The Force

Yeah… I’m gonna need to get myself a therapy one day

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