Muslim Comedy Tour in KUWAIT for FREE

I have just received an e-mail from a good friend of mine on an event that is not to be missed. Has anybody seen or heard of the “Allah Made Me Funny” comedians? If not then this is your chance to go and see these talented comedians for FREE! The event is being sponsored by The Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs with The Grand Mosque Western Perception Of Islam Center. Starring America’s funniest Muslim comedians Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss & Mohammad Amer!

Below is the time, date and location of the event. Don’t miss it!
Program: Stand-up Comedy Show (in English)
Date: Tuesday 30th March 2010
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Location: The Grand Tent. The Grand Mosque of Kuwait

Official Website: Allahmademefunny


I have just arrived from the event and I was completely shocked. Because the message I have received told me that IT WAS GOING TO BE A SHOW. But in truth it turned out to be a press conference. People who have purchased their tickets DO NOT SKIP THEM. That’s where the real show is. I am sorry that it didn’t turned out what it was to be because I was all excited about it when I received the news and I DID DOUBLED checked with the person who is managing it before I shared the news with Mark on

However, the press conference was quite interesting as it allowed the fans to ask just about any questions they wanted to ask to the comedians. Moreover fans were able to get an autograph and a personal photo with the guest stars. I am sure the fans were pleased that they finally had the chance to meet and greet these guys before their show at Gulf University of Science Technology GUST.

21 thoughts on “Muslim Comedy Tour in KUWAIT for FREE

  1. Wow. stand-up comedy for free. thanks DarkWolf80s so much for posting this.

    7.30 is cutting it too close for me ;_; I don’t think i’ll be able to make it..

  2. i cant believe these guys are coming to kuwait, saw their dvd a few times back in 2004 or so .. ill sure to be there, this time WITH camera >.>

  3. Darkwolf: according to that link posted above me, it says the show is on the 31st and not 30th .. also, its a private event for the 31st..

  4. @EleeT: I don’t see a link above you. The information I have provided above is a direct info I have received from an e-mail.

    I even called the official management person who’s hosting the show and it is tomorrow on the 30th according to the e-mail. There will be a large tent next to the Grand Mosque location. Should things change I’ll post an update on this and keep you all posted.

  5. as Anxious Nut said, they will be coming to GUST tomorrow, which is i believe the 31st of march(someone must have moved them since there is another show for ruth wayen or something something)
    goes whos going to be in charge of the sound/video/lighting system in their show 😛
    I IS ELITE!!!

  6. Well i went to the grand mosque and it was a nice introduction. The scope of today was to introduce them and to clear their name since “Allah made me funny” is viewed by some as wrong.

    They seem nice, I really wanna go watch them but too bad i dun have transportation :p
    and am not gonna go by taxi all the way there hehe

  7. SIGTERMer: you think?

    who ever is going to book tickets, make it fast because the venue can only hold 520 persons!
    I didn’t get to see them or work with them today, since i left rehearsals early, i don’t think they even showed up, am guessing its tomorrow -_- its going to be a long day

  8. nevermind the date change, turned out today is for gust students and tomorrow is for public masses!

  9. yea the tickets being sold were for thursday
    too bad i cant go 🙁 no transportation

    just hope u dont epic fail at the end like they did in grand mosque
    at the end they were tryin to play a part of the dvd and ended up 15 full minutes trying to fix the sound with no luck

  10. LMAO!! The DVD movie part was a total failure. You have to thank the Ministry tech for this. Last minute setup. At first the DVD movie was playing then there was no sound. The person who was in charge was a total goof and he was play for a good solid 3 minutes muting on/of within the movie player of Cyberlink. Then it finally hit him “Hey the main vol control at the bottom left at the taskbar?” He clicks that and then bumps the vol up and then presses play. “Huh?! Still no Sound!!!” *Breaks a sweat* and he starts clicking everywhere on the screen. XD

  11. loooool…..if anxious nut replayed to this he would probably say “huh what a loser”

  12. thankfully today went fine, except for a minor glitch before starting as we were testing things the mics, the sound was muffled, it turned out that the IT guys switched off the main two speakers from the last show -_- i hate it when they are around!
    still the speakers are crappy though -_- anyway whoever is going there enjoy the show ^_^ its fun!!

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