[Migrated from Loolykinns] A story from FASTtelco’s era: Is that really your name!?

Just so you know, I have one of the uncommonest (Apparently, uncommonest is a word… At least to my spell checker :P) names in Kuwait; “Dherar ضرار”.

This story happened in my first few months when I actually started to pick up calls.

Anyway, this story is not something new to me, but I never thought of having this whole “Making fun of my name” from a mature man in such a phone call. Which actually made me laugh… Anyway, here it goes:

Me: Sir, please shut down your ONT box for a minute or two and turn it on again. If it didn’t work, just call us back again, ask for my name and I’ll write a technician request straight away.
Customer: Alright great, what’s your name?
Me: Dherar “ضرار”
Customer:ضرا… ضـ… هذا اسم تجابل فيه ربك؟ Dhera… Dhe…Is that a name to face god with?
Me: *laughs* أنا افتك من الثانوية تييني تقولي هالكلمة؟ I can’t believe I finally got my high school friends to stop saying that, and now you do?
Customer: والله جد! انا اسمي يالله احفظة تبيني احفظ اسمك؟ ضر… ضـ… يبا تدري شلون؟ انا احصلك بعدين يعطيك العافية يبا ماقصرت Seriously! I can barely memorize my name! Dher… Dhe… Y’know what? I’ll know how to get back to you, thank you so much

OK, people would take the man’s very offensively and consider it an insult…
Me, the guy’s tone was friendly and he was laughing as well…

5 thoughts on “[Migrated from Loolykinns] A story from FASTtelco’s era: Is that really your name!?

    1. I don’t know and I don’t think I want to know… I mean, I had issues without knowing it, how bad would it be when I knwo? XD

      In fact, it didn’t really offend me when he said that at all, the whole call was friendly so kicking a joke or two from this type never hurts.

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