Messing with WINE’s IE

Okay, so i got interested all of a sudden in WINE’s IE! I know, I know, it shouldn’t be used for surfing! it’s purpose is to display HTML pages correctly when a windows application is used! I actually needed it once when i was downloading Windows 7 pro legally from e-academy, and it worked! But today i wanned to know how far can it go, is it suitable for normal browsing?!! So I started testing it anxiously 🙂

So first thing i realized when i launched it is that there is no place to write a URL, Oh well, i know that since you’re on an online webpage, you can find your way to google easily!! So i did some site-hopping and yes i did reach google 🙂 “Google, where internet starts and ends” — WTH?!

So yes it was a pain but after using it for a while, guess what CRASH BANDICOOT!!! yea, it crashed!!

Oh well! So i wanted to continue trying it, BUT i didnt want to site-hop this time, so i tried the command line and it worked 🙂 amazingly!!

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Internet\ Explorer/iexplore.exe

Want to see that in action? here you go, a screen cast i made of that!
I had to fast forward it because of the lags in the original video, don’t blame me, im using a Pentium 4 PC 🙂 and proud 😛

errr, let me try youtube!! ..waait for it … it’s loading, nice, … looking elegant (or is that just youtube, lol)!! Okay, clicking on a video aaaaand … oh! tells me that i dont have flash player!! huh, im not gonna waste more time on this! sorry folks!!

So what did we get!

No location bar: True
No navigation buttons/keys: True
Crashes: True

Yep, definitely wasn’t intended for web surfing 😀

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