MacBook Pro + Intel i7 == 100°c

Yes, you can probably boil water with dem MacBooks! =P

According to PCAUTHORITY(AU), MacBook’s laptop’s case can heat up to 100°c…

Long story short, PCAUTHORITY ran some tests from CPUID temperature utility to Maxon Cinebench on both Windows and Mac OSX which pushed the temperature from 50°c (Idle) to (80°c ~ 101°c) while running the same tests kick the temperature on Fujitsu Lifebook SH 760 from 40°c (Idle) to atmost 88°c!!

Moral of the story? You can use MacBook i7’s new Aluminum body to maek me cheezburger!!


One thought on “MacBook Pro + Intel i7 == 100°c

  1. Wow, an i7 620m that goes up to 100c, and its not even a Quad, what more can you expect from apple. My i7 920XM, barely hits 85c with an increase in the BCLK, whilst running benchmarks, or any games for that matter.
    Macbooks= MAJOR FAIL!!

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