Someone just killed A reason to by Nintendo DS =P

Apparently, mind-teasing and brain games doesn’t really improve your mental performance (Which means you won’t be any smarter)…

According to the source, a research made by comparing mental powers between 8600 people from 18~60 years old that spends at least 10 minutes, 3 days a week playing brain games developed by researchers and and 2700 human rat labs to spend around the same amount poking around the interwebz for general stuff for six weeks.

Results? Well, those with brain games tasks didn’t show any improvement. In fact, the interwebz doodz had better results than those with brain games.

Ofcourse, general brain game developers would argue because the researchers didn’t try their games.

Though I’m sure if this research was conducted in Kuwait, results would be totally different; brain games people will be stupidly believe they’re smart and interwebz people will become more stupid because they spent their time over facebook and dating websites 😛 …

Whatever they’re doing, it all ends up good… It would probably keep brain fresh and pink so zombies would come and eat our brainz!!


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