Linux boots into Qt dashboard in 1 second!!

An expert, Andrew Murray, managed to get Linux booting in 0.39 seconds, 1 second into a Qt-based dashboard with live video streaming! Using an MS7724 development board, UBoot, Linux Kernel 2.6.31-rc7, and Qt Embedded Open Source 4.6.2. However, that alone did not do the job all by itself, the expert spent time on understanding the whole boot process bit by bit, tracked down the delaying parts, and optimized them! Wonderful work!

Here’s a detailed video:

He also provided a slideshow that demonstrates his approach to this minimal boot time to the public!

Andrew Murray has earned my respect.


12 thoughts on “Linux boots into Qt dashboard in 1 second!!

  1. let’s see windows’ kernel do this.

    for the only windows fanboy here: this is a valid technical challenge, not some random pro-linux propaganda.. or is it?

    1. 1. Windows is hardware general, this project is hardware specific
      2. Windows runs many services\softwares\programs when it starts, this doesn’t
      3. This beats Mac OSX boot time and other linux distros because this kernel is this hardware specific while the rest aren’t (Though Mac OSX is hardware specific but runs many services and applications at start

      Your argument is invalid SIGTERMer (Don’t deny it, switch to your old nickname), it’s like comparing a Car initial acceleration to a motorcycle initial acceleration. Which is an invalid argument.

    i like both windows and linux and believe each has its uses, this is a definite application for a Linux environment

    1. I would say the same, but i don’t think an embedded gtk library exists yet (must be coupled with x), or at least is not as mature as embedded qt.

      please correct me if i’m wrong.

    2. Although I don’t like Qt, but it has potential and uses less resources. That’s why it’ll be integrated with Unity/Ubuntu! I don’t like the sound of it! 🙁

      BTW, Qt-based Unity (A.K.A Unity 2D) is already out, i wrote about it in the last section here.

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