Limewire Pirate Edition

So, I’m in IRC as usual, talking to people and all… Then suddenly a friend of mine linked me to this and told me “We acquired the code, modified it and released it back in this version.”

Not revealing any name or whatever. The LPE is based on LimeWire 5.6 Beta and should function better than the latest LimeWire (Before it’s taken down by RIAA).

LimeWire Pirate Edition is pure P2P software; it does not depend on any servers operated by Lime Wire LLC or other companies. It does not include any adware or spyware, and it cannot be remotely monitored or shut down.

LimeWire Pirate Edition

There’s a Windows, Linux and Mac OSX version of it. So, ENjo~oy =D

2 thoughts on “Limewire Pirate Edition

  1. 1- Anything against riaa and friends is good news to me.
    2 limewire should die already. at least it’s using magnit links now :/

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