Don’t do MicroSD for Windows Phone 7 just yet.

Alright, there have been few posts in several tech blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo or whatever) about the ability to stuff in MicroSD in your phone easily (Which doing so will void your warranty btw).

However, Microsoft and AT&T are warning customers not to install MicroSD cards just yet because doing so will permanently change the card.

Which means, once you pop that in, you can’t use it elsewhere. You can’t format it, read it, write in it or even browse it.

They’re saying that you should wait for MicroSD cards that are Windows Phone 7 certified which isn’t around yet.

Their reason is that kicking in a normal MicroSD cards would drop down the mobile’s speed due to random read\write speed which when you think about it, it sort of makes sense why they’re trying to get a specific type of MicroSD cards to work. But still, I’D WANT MY DATA IN MA COMBOOTER WITHOUT HAVING TO SYNC IT!!

Reading the comments, people had no problems stuffing their MicroSD cards (Knowing it’ll void their warranty I’d assume) and things have been working perfectly fine.

Though there’s one interesting comment I’ve read which I’ll be quoting:

The memory is merged (essentially a raid) with your internal memory. This means the card has to be specially formatted to accomplish this. You can’t pull read the memory in a card reader once this formatting has occured. If you insert a card the phone must be hard reset for the merging to happen. If you remove the card part of your RAID is missing so you must hard reset the phone so the memory can be repaired. The card is part of your storage and if remove the storage must be reset.

If this is true, it sort of makes better sense why they had to workaround a certified sort of MicroSD cards.


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