8 thoughts on “Keep the Cloudy Kuwait pictures coming…

  1. (Gasp!) Go to your chalet photos – pick the five you like the best – send them to me for the Great Kuwait Sand and Surf contest. You have some GORGEOUS photos, breathtaking.

  2. u know i know someone who admire ur pictures very much but unfortunately i cant tell u who he is or whats his name sorry.

  3. long hair dude:
    I wonder who… 😛 I just hope he\she\it is not a member of the evil company 😛

    Patrick Semaan:
    Thanks alot.. Your comment means alot to me

  4. evil company, no don’t worry he’s/she’s not one of them, in fact i think he/she hates them.

  5. now you just triggered my curiosity … i hate you with passion fruit!!

    j/k dude… 😛

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