I’ve been a fan of Four Third and I’ve been actually considering getting Olympus e-520 (Which I still knda do)… Now things might change a bit…

After seeing this camera in Engadget I’m really thinking of getting it…

I know its not so special, but hey, it uses Micro Four Thirds mount thingy… The reason I love Four Thrid is that that mount is shared between several cameras (Panasonic, Olympus and maybe Sony too)…

This camera has 12.1MP, ISO reaches 3200, Shutter speed from 60 seconds (4 minutes with bulb) to 1/4000 seconds and other stuff that I’m too lazy to read about…

I’m not a proffessional photographer so throwing a comment or two from proffesional photographers would be REALLY appreciated…

I think I’ll add this to my wishlist =P

Click here to read the Engadget post
Click here to check its specs in Panasonic website

6 thoughts on “DMC-GR1

  1. I am actually thinking of buying an D-SLR, but the camera i had my eyes on costs 320KD (ios 450D), i found another cheaper SLR at carefour. but if this one is under 150KD i might consider it

  2. i respect canon and nikon and know their monstrous abilities and stuff… but i’d go for either olympus or panasonic (they use the open standards… a word shoul attract you the most SIGTERMer :P)

  3. it does 🙂
    anyways, there is a great book in jarer /*whatever*/ called “the ultimate field guide to photography” by national geographic. it’s a good book, you should get it.
    btw, the cover is purple.

  4. that wouldn’t work in my case since the micro four thirds standard is really recent… i doubt that the book covers it

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