Its too cute to think you can prevent bloggers from stealing your posts

I was about to leave and read a book. But decided to check my RSS feeds where I found this post about protecting your blog’s contents from being stolen considering how local blogs are plagiarizing other blogs posts.

The kind blogger explained one of the most important things which is to watermark the picture. It can help, but will be ugly. If you’re willing to sacrifice, go ahead. If you’re not, then good luck! Also, a photoshop wizard can remove the watermark.

The blogger wrote that a WordPress plugin would help. Now THATS cute… Here’s what I did:

Y’see? Using JavaScript and web-based plugins doesn’t really help.

So how to prevent this from happening? You can’t. If it opens in a browser it means the contents ARE stored in your computer which can be easily retrieved by either checking the source, checking temporary folder, maybe relying on other quick\small\free tools. But you can’t prevent it (Or else YouTUBE would’ve prevented downloading videos long time ago).

She discussed the third solution which is to report it could help if you’re reporting to Google (Blogger, YouTUBE… etc) or WordPress. But you can’t simply report to a self-hosted website in so many cases like Q8GEEKS.ORG for example (If I ever stole one’s posts).

Yes, stealing posts is a dick move, I’ll give you that. But your measures compromised so many functionalities (Such as highlighting text… Who knows, I could’ve quoted you!).

If you’re just too careful about your contents not to be plagiarized, then simply don’t post a thing. This is the internet. What you write is as uncontrollable as what you say: once its out, there’s no turning back.

Sorry, Danderma for demonstrating on your website. I just had to since you’re a good example.

4 thoughts on “Its too cute to think you can prevent bloggers from stealing your posts

  1. Various bloggers today have cracked down on this
    And just right too, it’s darn right rude and there
    is plenty of things to blog about without copying each other. We are all aware screenshots
    Etc etc can’t be stopped but a little courtesy goes a long way.

    1. Copying others’ work existed since the beginning of time. If you can’t handle a little bunch of kids copying your stuff, then don’t write.

  2. Haha awesome! I just commented on her blog about this and I’m completely on your side. She even thought I was being rude and told me this is “non of my business.”

    Seriously I haven’t seen the no right click since the 90s. It’s silly and only inconveniences your readers. You can’t even right click to open a new tab or spell check. So silly.

    1. Actually, I understand why bloggers are starting to do this but its still retarded.

      If you’re too greedy to share an info then don’t. Even if you don’t get credited.

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