Infinity I-Kitchen, the Linux-based touch screen kitchen!

Oh man, This will be full of jokes xD


The system is built around 400Mhz Freescale i.MX25 SoC which is based on 400MHz ARM926EJ-S core.
The system has 800×480 touch screen with a UI developed by Enlightenment Foundation Libraries that gives the ability to poke around with fridge’s functions such as internal temperature and if it should give your kids candy if its 11PM (Just imagine that… Fridges can be so mean when they refuse xD) And you can launch apps such as a notepad, calender, recipes and stuff.

No words about WiFi (Oh yea, send an email to your fridge and let it launch a water bottle to you! YEAH!), USB (Yes, go to work, infect your USB stick with the autorun-related viruses and kick it there which would infect your food… Very smart! xD … Wait, it’s Linux not Windows :P) or an SD card so you can kick in some NES ROMS and play them there waiting for your Coke to cool down.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t panic and start throwing tomatoes on you xD


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