Animaniacs – Nations of the World

Who wouldn’t want to memorize this creative educational song!? If I had the chance to watch this episode back in middle school I would have aced all of my geography quiz.  Gotta love Animaniacs. This is how an animated cartoon should be not like the current cartoon TV shows like BEN 10 or Kim Possible crap. I think the cartoon of today are not as creative or cool as they used to be.

6 thoughts on “Animaniacs – Nations of the World

  1. That song would’ve been really amazing had it been actually correct. Palestine wasn’t mentioned at all (isreal isn’t remotely correct) and Yakko started mentioning cities instead of finishing the rest of the countries he conveniently failed to mention.

    so, maybe that’s why they didn’t teach you this song in school.

  2. @Sig, Actually, Yakko does mention Palestine right after the end of the song in (1:52) right after he says “..Monaco, Liechtenstein, Malta and Palestine, Fiji, Australia Sudan.”

    And Isreal is correctly mapped you can see it flashing too at 1:00.

    This video more than perfect.

    1. wow, I guess I jumped the gun there about Palestine not being included. I should have listened to it a couple more more times before commenting. I’ll be more careful next time.

      And Isreal is correctly mapped you can see it flashing too at 1:00.
      location is not the issue.
      I can’t reply to this without breaking some blog rules. but you probably know what I meant. If you want to continue this discussion, email me.

  3. Dude o.o i used to love watching that Cartoon in some channel, forgot the name but it was included in Orbit in the 90’s FunChannel or something dont remember , its been 11 years

    1. In Orbit back in the 90s it was called The Fun Channel. I too used to watch it on that channel as well. That Fun Channel was my favorite channel to watch for entertainment next to Cartoon Network (for Swat Kats).

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