Imprisoned by a pig!?

As literally as the topic goes, a woman got improsined in her house for 10 days by a pig!

This is not related to the article... Just a funny picture I thought of adding

A woman in Australia held in her house forcefully by a hungry pony-sized 80KGs nicknamed “Bruce” pig!!!

That pig kept banging his head over her bedroom in hope that she feeds it… She even tried to poke it with a broom but that bastard broke it in half with its mouth!!!

I’m starting to wonder if it was an Orc and they were mistaken =P (Yes… I had to play WoW forcefully)…

Imagine something similar happened in Kuwait… But since we don’t have pigs, it’d be Jarbou3 or Bre39y (Lizard)… Oh boy! That’ll be PHUN!!!!

Anyways, Here’s the REUTERS link.

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